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Paper Wizard


V1.3 updated !! BIG UPDATE!!Dual stick shooter RPG ! Paper Wizard !Save the Paperians' world, Booktopia with your thumbs!
■ Wizards and monsters in papercraft art styles■ Dual joystick control : one for movement & other for basic skill
“3 class - FIRE, ICE and LIGHTNING”■ 2 basic skills : change basic skill on SKILL BOOK ■ Active & passive skill system : level up your skills with skill point
“Dungeons - CAVE, CATACOMB, DUNGEON and GRAVEYARD”■ You can complete last boss without pause. (except short scene loading)■ Graveyard(wave dungeon) : get item every 5th wave. Defeat monsters within time or you will meet over 200 monsters!
“Monsters & Items”■ Over 150 items : 3 graded with options
Paper Wizard is inspired by Solomon Keep & Diablo 2.
V1.3------------The mana regeneration is higher than ever. (over 2x) Paper Wizard becomes more speedy with lots of new elements.
Mana recovery (x2 up)- base : 13 > 26 (100% up, standing position 26 > 52)- focus skill : 100~160% up
UI enhancement- display potion number - new item/skill notice- clear messages- display skill requirement 
Items- potion price : 500G > 400G- new jewel items : gold X2, dungeon ticket (infinite grave yard/castle with no ad.)
New buff shop(jewel)- fast recovery of life/mana, more gold/exp. point
New monster types- ice/poison mage with homing magiceball- ice/poison archer - spear monsters (melee & magic)- monsters with shield- minotaur(new monster with spear)
New event dungeon- castle : time attack (hard)
Bug-fixes and etc.- iCloud bug- map bug- minor bugs- balance patch : monster damage down- re-arranged monster spawn- item drop rate up
New features- pause during stats/bag/skill window- new ad. reward : instant respawn, free portion- new monster spawn system - potion from monsters- continuos damage from ice/poison monstersCAUTION ——————-This game may perform poorly on older generation phone.
If you delete game, you will lost your data. (will be updated to save Cloud)
Featuring Music by Matthew Pablo